Abba's Agape

by Toby


Creator and author

Father of all fathers

You framed the universe with steady speech

With powerful verbal thoughts, actions, and deeds which aids, enables, 

and continues to exponentially bless others

Your strength is silent

It echoes in high volumes when one's in need of a corrected reproach

Such strength that is drenched in unaltered pure elemental love


A love that's so basic, but undoubtedly so complicated 

that it takes years, circumstances, tears, hurts, smiles, 

and laughter to gather a foundational understanding

However, only brokenness truly teaches your love lesson

Yet there is much to be found in you

I'm awe struck, humbled, and intimidated to know that you...

You are my prototype

Not only are you my prototype. But the more I learn, I seem to resemble you

You're the example to those who have no example

You're the breaker of curses, and the up lifter of down trodden minds

You're the bearer of woes and cares

You've carried me during mayhem

You're the sentinel of my surroundings

You've trained me through dismay and upsurged my plans for a good success

In admiration and tribute, I'll follow your lead

Knowing our relationship is forever, never ending

I praise you selflessly

Through esteem and obedience,  I honor you

Seeking your precepts 
Gleaning your wisdom
Cultivating our bond

Recognizing for you to give me tribute is the greatest benefit

Now I know to give fully of myself as well as to recieve

Only to reciprocate your


Abba's Agape by Toby

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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