Diggin' You

by T.M.

I was diggin’ you
Like a painstakingly perfect
Sand castle
Nestled deep in the banks
Of a riotous seashore.
I, I was diggin’ you
Like TLC circa ’95,
But handsome,
The lights are on, and I’m home.
Home, yet alone,
Still diggin’ you like
A junkie’s needle
Pierces veins while
User goes insane.
Negro, I was diggin’ you,
And I have receipts to prove it,
Cuz I thought you were Priceless:
$209=a test to gain your trust
$18.93=a dress (I wanted to look my best.) 
$23.49=a silk robe meant for your eyes only, 
yet has kissed my skin more than it has met your eyes.
Man, I was diggin’ you like clenched fists gripping passion-stained sheets,
Like the woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper,” 
attempting to claw her way out of her personal hell.
I was diggin’ you like “Do you like me?”
Circle Yes or No, written in newly discovered cursive handwriting,
Delivered via best friend courier service.
I was diggin’ you… 

Diggin' You by T.M.

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