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TimBookTu Submission Guidelines

The TimBookTu Web Page is a non-paying web site provided for writers, poets, and essayists to publish their work on the World Wide Web. All works should be by or of interest to African-Americans.  While the work featured on the site is geared towards African-American writing and culture, TimBookTu will accept work from other cultures as long as the work has an Afrocentric nature to it.

Stories and poems published by TimBookTu should be suitable for the general public. While TimBookTu does not attempt to censor any work,  works using strong language or strong sexual content will be considered and a message such as: Advisory.  Contains strong language will be added in the table of contents.  Submissions deemed to be too explicit, pornographic, too violent, racist or hate-filled, or any work considered distasteful by the Advisory Committee, will be refused for publication.

Due to volume of submissions, only three (3) works from each author will be published each month and they should reach the editor at least two (2) months prior to the posting date as indicated on the main page of the website. This will allow adequate time for the submissions to be prepared and for any adjustments to the selections. You are welcome to send more than three pieces at a time but the other pieces will be held and published the following months.

Emphasis should always be on content and not form. If the writing submitted does not translate well into HTML code, TimBookTu will contact the writer with suggestions for changes. TimBookTu will not correct for grammar but will make only minor spelling corrections primarily in essays and fiction.  Since poets often use poetic license for effect, spelling will be left as is unless it is an obvious misspelling.  SO, PLEASE SPELL CHECK YOUR WORK AND HAVE SOMEONE PROOF IT BEFORE SUBMITTING. Please refrain from using all capital letters in your submissions. Submissions with too many syntax or spelling errors, will be returned to the author for correction and revision.

If upon viewing your work you wish to make corrections, please contact the editor (editor@timbooktu.com).

TimBookTu is copyrighted. Submitted work remains the property of the creator and is self-copyrighted. To find out more about copyrights, visit the U.S. Copyright's Office FAQ Page. While work submitted remains the property of the writer, the design and layout of the web pages are the property of TimBookTu.

Before submitting, please review TimBookTu's Disclaimer.

How to Prepare Your Work to be Published.

Send your story, poem, or essay to TimBookTu and the required HTML codes will be added by the editor to make your work readable on the World Wide Web. Or you can send it as an HTML document. We will make every attempt to print it in the same style as submitted.

We will add your title, byline, and sometimes a brief description of the work to the TimBookTu Table of Contents page. Your work(s) will remain on the TimBookTu for at least 90 days. After that time the works will be archived.  Your work can be removed from TimBookTu at any time upon request of the author.

Using the TimBookTu Submission Form

You can submit your submission(s) via the TimBookTu Submission Form. This form will prompt you for the necessary information and send your work to the editor automatically. This is the preferred method of sending your submissions. If you have very long submissions, such as an essay or fictional piece, use the E-Mail Submission information below. However, you can use the other methods indicated below for all submissions. If you choose to use the submission form, disregard the following information and go straight to the form.

E-Mail Submission

Please send your work(s) in ascii text format or Microsoft Word format.  Your work(s)  can be sent as an attachment to your e-mail or within the body of the e-mail.  If problems occur sending it, please let the editor (editor@timbooktu.com) know and an alternative method will be suggested.

Send works via E-Mail to: editor@timbooktu.com.

The format of your work is important:

Please make sure to indicate whether your work is poetry, a short story, an essay, or other types of work.  This will help for the editor to place it under the right category. If untitled, please so indicate. If any of the above is omitted, it may delay posting of your work.

[see - Example Submission ]

Please provide a brief biographical sketch and a photograph to be included with work.  The photo is optional and if you do not wish to have one included, please indicate that in your submittal.  If your photo is not in electronic form (jpeg, gif, or bmp), you can send it via regular mail and TimBookTu will scan the photo and return it to you.  Be sure to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope, if you would like the photo returned.

Note: No personal info such as address, phone number, etc. will be displayed on the author's bio page unless you request it. Only the e-mail address will be used to allow readers to contact you.

See mailing info below.

Regular Mail Submission

If you do not have a way to e-mail your work, you can send a 3-1/4" floppy disk with your submissions saved in the Microsoft Word or Ascii text format.  If a disk is not possible, typed submissions will be accepted.  However, typed submissions may take longer to be posted. Send all submissions via regular mail to the following:
P.O. Box 933
Mobile, Alabama 36601-0933
Please do not send your original manuscripts as they cannot be returned. Photos will be returned if accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Send works via E-Mail to editor@timbooktu.com

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