by Tierra Edwards

Mr. Confident

I am what you want, 
and you're what I want, 
we deserve each other, 
stick with me 
and Iíll show you some thangs, 
Iíll give you whatever it is that you want 
material wise or physically, 
baby please donít deny me...

Mr. Romantic

How is your day baby, 
I miss you, 
canít wait to see you, 
get a letter in the mail, 
text message, or pop up visit 
through out the week, 
you're all I need, 
you make me so happy, 
everyone knows about you, 
I canít stop talking about you...

Mr. Anonymous

Gives me bare minimum, 
enough to have you into him, 
but not too into him, 
God forbids he tells you 
how he feels about whom? You? Naaa...
And then of course he always seems to be 
into you but nothing else...

Mr. Suave

You better be lucky you got some time in, 
phone constantly ringing on your time, 
always fresh to death, 
nothing but the best, 
from his hair to his toes, 
looks to kill, 
personality not that big of a deal, 
got you questioning 
why am I even bothered with him...

Mr. Ghetto

Wuz up Shawty! 
was the first words from him to you, 
got a list of a.k.a's 
that can go on for days, 
ridin and sittin up on 22ís, 
system bumping while riding through Atlanta 
like he ainít got nothing better else to do...

Mr. Ideal

Everything you want in a man, 
everything I want in a man, 
nice looking, great convo, 
trustworthy, confident, 
outgoing, open minded, 
mature, goal orientated, 
affectionate, romantic, 
considerate, good etiquette, 
and believe me the list goes on

Mr.'s by Tierra Edwards

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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