What U See

by TiaDee

when you look at me
what do you see
what do you perceive?

 a strong black woman
just tryin' to survive
in a world not set up for her survival?

a young lady with no kids
(because she can't find the right man to love
 physically or mentally)
with no kids
is she less of a woman
or a smarter woman?

do you see someone trying to mend a broken heart
by going out every night
playin' the part
of a role she wasn't prepared for
'cause her love last forever?

do you see a lady
with the grace of an angel
but the ways of the devil
ever changing to adapt
to a society that wants to make her
into something she can't be?

do you see a woman with the ways of a girl
'cause she can't find a balance in this world?

do you see the girl who loved and lost
and paid the cost
by giving you her dreams
in the late of night the thought of this
makes her scream?

do you see the woman
who spends all her money paying bills
or looking for thrills
that sometimes make her ill?

what do you see
when you look at me?

not my thin shape
my caramel skin
the hair, the clothes

but what do you see when u look INSIDE me
then at me?

can u handle what you see?

love me or hate me
don't look away
tell me what do you see?

What U See by TiaDee

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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