There Was Never. Then There Was Today. (for CVM)

by TiaDee

I never thought that I would laugh again
I never could imagine you as only my friend
I never thought I would call you in a time of need
I never thought a part of my life you would still be

How I go back and think to the time when you didn't love me anymore
How my future turned black the last time you walked out the door
How I couldn't eat or sleep, think, or live with out you there
How I had no love to give, no life live, and didn't care
How it hurt just to breathe, walk or talk, those first days
How I prayed to God for the pain to be erased

I go back when I didn't know how to love and couldn't trust
I go back to those days when there was no *us*
I go back when the tears would fall freely, any time, any place
I go back to when I knew I had lost the race
I go back to when holding you in my arms was a dream never to be true
I go back when you didn't want me, but I still did nothing but love you

Today I thank God for that time alone
Today I welcome you to my home
Today I thank God for keeping you as my friend
Today I realize true love never really ends
Today I thank God for that lesson that made me strong
Today I am glad I had the strength and courage to move on

There Was Never. Then There Was Today. (for CVM) by TiaDee

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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