Trying...Without You

by TiaDee

Each morning I wonder
Will it be today
Will my heart listen to my brain
Maybe it wonít be as bad as yesterday
Today I will be relieved of my pain
As soon as I opened my eyes
thoughts of you invaded my mind
I was hoping I would at least get through
the morning feeling okay
there is just no way
I wook up feeling
empty and hopeless
missing you like I usually do
I want to stop
I donít want to miss you
I donít want to think of you
I donít want to do this
I want to be free from you
Get an hour
to myself, where thoughts, smell, and sounds
donít remind me of you
If I get 1 hour of peace today
maybe tomorrow I could get 3
4 hours the next time and so on
sooner or later you just become a passing thought
on my drive home from work
but right now every hour of every day 
I miss you, I think of you in some kind of way
the pain never seems to stop
I canít call you
I canít write you
I canít see you
I canít be near you
because if I do 
The pain starts over again
Iíve got to have some hope 
that Iím at least halfway through
to forgetting you
to stopping this pain
so I canít take the chance
of making a new memory with you
I canít hear any words from you
I have to live with nothing
Nothing from you or about you
Because Iím trying to live my life
without loving you
Itís the hardest thing Iíve had to do

Trying...Without You by TiaDee

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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