Today...I Thought

by TiaDee

I thought of you today
in passing 
wondered where life has taken you
what roads you now travel
without me to guide you

I imagine youíve made
changes in your appearance
your thinking, your being
youíre not who you used to be
wondered if I would know you
if I passed you on the street

I hope that youíve gone
further than you thought possible
that all your dreams have been realized
goals achieved, again and again

I thought of the good days we had
promises of forever we use to exchange

I imagine that you think of me
seek me out
from time to time 
to make sure Iím fine
that you know I moved on 
to a better place	
I can still see you on the sidelines
cheering me on to finish this race
with some dignity and grace 

I thought of your smile today
how it used to belong to me
wondered who it belongs to now
if they can appreciate
the joy it will bring
how much they will miss it
if it ever goes away

I thought of your love today
wonder how I ever let it get away
I thought of you holding and loving
someone else 
making promises of forever
building a life together

thoughts of you never leave me
each night that life let's me rest
I pray that you've found peace
because of all the things I know
your love was the best

Today...I Thought by TiaDee

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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