Think (CMB)

by TiaDee

You think Iíve stopped loving you
That a day goes by I donít miss you
That there is an hour in the day
I donít feel some kind of pain
You think there is a moment
I donít regret not having you
Do you think there is second
When I donít want to change
Do you think there is a tear
I havenít cried for you
Do you think I've found the words
to tell you how bad I feel
Do you think I donít need you
Here with me all of the time
Do you think I can live this life
without you
Don't you think I want to stop
crying for you
That I donít pray for some peace
Some happiness
I ask for a single moment with you
to convince you
You think I donít miss loving you
I donít miss you loving me
Do you think I donít dream about you
Even when I'm awake
Do you think that I donít want to call you
That I donít want to make you laugh
Do you think that I am okay
That I will ever be what I used to be
Do you think I could be happy
without you
Donít you think I regret every decision I made
that lead us to this place
Do you think this easy
Do you think I donít pray for US every chance I get
Do you think you are someone I could forget
Do you think I am done 
That I could stop waiting for you
Donít you know you are the love of my life
Donít you know Iíve been lost
broken and broke down since we've been apart
Do you think I could replace you, that I would want to
Even for a moment	
Donít you know my pain
Donít you know my heart
Donít you know my love is forever?

Think (CMB) by TiaDee

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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