~Saturday Night Conversation~

by TiaDee

Saturday Night Conversation

Hey slim damn baby you know your fine, wish I could make you mine
What you drinking, Hennessey, remy or is that white wine
What can I do to make you understand, damn baby girl
Where the hell is your man?

Giggle, giggle I'll take a tequila shot, lime and salt
Thanks for the drink I got to go, catch me when the music stops
Then the games can begin, the situation is nothing but win win

Oh wait baby before you go there is one thing I got to know.
I'm leaving with you right? It's all about us tonight

Baby that promise I can't make, I'll come find you when I need another
Or if you want to back that ass up come find me, and we can dance till 3
By the way I didn't catch your name, or the title of this game

Well they call me G, what about you? And I ain't got no game, just doing
what I do
But damn baby I know your what I need. Got me feigning for what I see
Fine, petite, sexy smile baby your going to be on my mind for quite a while

Like I said I got to go, what's up for later I'll let you know.
By the way what color is your Lex, Cadillac or Jeep, or are you riding with
your peep
Do you have somewhere to be when you wake, or are you mine if want you to
Let me know what's up now, before I head back to the crowd, or
Is this that club talk that leads to pillow talk, that leads to nothing at

You know I'm trying to be for real what is it they say umm  on the serious
What I say is from the heart, no game so don't even trip
Just let me know when your ready to roll, and we can ride just us you know
By the way my Lex is black, and the Benz coupe is blue, made for two
Now what you wanna do?

Let me finish this drinking, and do some more thinking
About this club talk, plus pillow talk, that equals nothing at all

~Saturday Night Conversation~ by TiaDee

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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