No Love to Give, Just a Life to Live

by TiaDee

You wonder if I could love you like you love me,
The answer Iím sad but glad to say would be no.
Love ainít something I got in me. Not anymore

I got a lot of good times on tap,
if itís happening baby thatís where Iím at
I'd rather be alone then deal stress of pain
of the thing the call love.
Rather spend all my nights in that crazy, hazy club
Pain hidden by the strobe light,
loneliness drowned in the Alizeí
Listen and laugh, and play the games that we all play
So much easier than dealing with a broken heart,
or the lies that will be told
Every night some sexy black man on the dance floor
I have as mine to hold

So can I love you like you love me, not a chance in hell
You want to understand, but the story is to hard to tell
Meet me at the hotspot, and we can laugh and kick it
Maybe let you take me home, and get a little wicked
But please sweetie donít try to understand or love me
Just do what I do, and you will soon see
I have no love to give I have a fast short life to live
So join me for some fun, and long hot nights
But please donít try to make what you think is wrong into right

So take my hand and get on the ride of your life
But remember one thing Iíll never be is your loving wife
Because I canít love you like you love me
Somebody took my heart and never thought to return it to me

No Love to Give, Just a Life to Live by TiaDee

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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