by TiaDee

I stepped in the door felt the stares on my body
I was in the house they knew it was time to party
Who wants to be the first one to try their luck tonight
When you step up you better make sure your game is tight
I donít have to time for a whole lot of bullshit
Keep the conversation at the minimum and make it legit
And please donít touch me, Ďcause I donít know you like that
Just met you this second donít know where you been at
Yes I am here with my girls, and the diamonds are real
Got Ďem from a nigga just like you, who wanted a thrill
So keep talking as we walk to the dance floor, damn
Itís packed out here, not to close, youíre not my man
Oh for real you buying drinks for us all, pocket must be phat
Well I gotta to go for now but maybe Iíll be back

Head to the crowd, two steps and Iím stopped again
I love this game cause Iím always the one who wins
Whisper, giggle, say what I got to, then quick like lightning I move
To the bathroom to tell the girls about the three new fools
It pays to be slim, with a grin, quick mind, nothing to lose attitude
How much money they spending controlling my mood
But at three when itís time to leave I got to choose what to do with night
Which one of these tricks can I make see the light?

Oh lucky him it was sucker number one
I can ride with you get ready for some fun
Get you home all alone you sure you want to play this game
After tonight you may never look at women the same
So I go places know other person will ever go
Cause Iíve always been able to put on a helluva a show
And you lay there with stars in your eyes wondering what just went down
Asking me if itís ok for you to stick around
Not tonight I need you to the hit the front door
Your clothes are right there, beside the bed on the floor
As he grabs his clothes, shakes his head, puts on his pants
The time has come, so I stick out my manicured hand
Give me mine, and I need it now, you know the dollars
What I did cost, Iíll take cash or diamonds for those hollers
You want to see me again, why even bother
So I lay there and he begins to play again and get hard
Thatís when he does it, check mate,  hands me the Mastercard
You said the same thing just like all the rest
Damn baby, you are absolutely and positively the best
But when you close you the door, I pick up the phone
Girl he fell in love over some sex, failed the test,
End of the game, whoís got Next.

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© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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