Late Nighter

by TiaDee

its late tonight
Iím sittiní on the edge of the bed waitiní for ya
to come through like you always do
I got on my bra and panties, some sweet perfume
getting excited by just the thought of you
then I hear the knock on the door
and Iím ready to be your personal whore
make you scream my name and play your games

the rooms seems smaller with you inside
your scent fills my nose when you walk by
then heat emits from inside my thighs
tonight youíre moving kind of slow
I already feel like Iím ready to explode

then from behind I feel something wet on my neck
I turn around to get a taste of what I canít forget
you and I locked hand to hand, tongue on tongue
then itís time to start the real fun

now I feel the flick of your tongue on my nipple
then up my back a slight shiver
Ďcause I know my man is about to deliver
slow kisses behind my knees, inside my thighs
all this shit making me high
finger and tongue switch places lick and stick
pussy tastiní good, but needing to be filled with you,
stick and lick
right when I think I canít take much more
you give me exactly what Iíve been feigning for
you do it slow, push it deep, so I feel what belongs
to me
show me exactly what good love should be

stroke after stroke you make me yours
just when I feel like youíve given all I can take
I let you know Iím yours with a shout and a shake
Now your turn to release all that you haveÖ
then I kiss you neck
DamnóI think I love this man

Late Nighter by TiaDee

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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