by TiaDee

your birthday is three days away
no happy memories will be made
the pain will be worse, than on any other day
I won't be able to call you
hear you say you love me
I won't be able to hug
I won't be able to be with you
You are gone away
To a much better place
Where the Angels sing
Where God keeps his children safe
Where you feel no sorrow
Everyday is better day
You are in a place
Where people love you like I love you
Where you can always be happy
Where you watch over me
Where you wait for me
You have received Eternity
You are Home
Next to our King
There are three days 'til your birthday
When your life began   
When God made you all you were to be
A day God made a woman who would make a family
A woman who would spread love, with just a gentle touch
A woman who gave her all, even when she didn't have much
He created the greatest person I have ever known
He made all that is the Truth to me
There are three days to your birthday
The day that made you, the day that made me
Just as I remember your birthday
I will always remember the love you gave

Grandma, there are three days to your birthday
Hope you catch my kisses in the wind

June28th by TiaDee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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