by TiaDee

this love is driving me insane
in the middle of the night, I can hear you
calling my name
a slow, soft moan thatís all my own
when I wake up, Iím all alone

love is driving me insane
I can feel your breath 
On my neck and my ear
When I rollover to touch you
No one is there

Love is driving me insane
No longer able to decipher
Pleasure from pain
I can not hear my own heart breaking
Over high octave orgasms
Only you give
Canít feel my soul
Begging for peace
With your body over mine
As slowly you enter me

Love is driving me insane
Blinding, deafening, crippling
Turning the strong into the weak
Stifled by a need
For you to stay with me
A pride stealing addiction
Where you are the cure
This love is driving me insane

Would give up my fame
In order to take your name
Wanting to be next to you
When the moon sets, and the sun rises
Making me forget the names
Of those before you
Denying the fact there will ever be 
Anyone after you
Reconsiderations of what is important
Who matters
What needs to be accomplished

This love is driving me insane
It lets you put your essence inside me
With no ring
Gives you keys to my home
With no commitment, only slight attachment
Forgotten everything I learned 
Incapable of rational thoughts
When it comes to you

Love is driving me insane
Got me wanting to make a change
For better or worse
Trading my selfishness
For concerns of your happiness
Traded my security, for insecurity
The moments your not with me
Traded my common sense, for no sense
Acting a fool, when you canít do 
What I need you to do
Which is love me 

Love is driving me insane
Giving you unlimited access 
to my mind, body and soul
will you be with tomorrow
I never know

This love
Love is
This love is 
Driving me insane

Insane by TiaDee

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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