Grandma--Before the Good-Bye

by TiaDee

I saw you standing there looking small and frail
with this big smile on your face
I wanted to ask you what were you smiling about
I wanted for you to scream and shout
that life had been unfair
you needed to mad at how the cards were being played
I wanted to trade places with you
give you all I had, because you had given me so much
you wouldn't even have to ask
Each time I see you, I get so mad
I have to drop to my knees, ask God what he has planned
why does he need you more than me
what work does he have for you to do that can't wait
that you’re an Earth Angel who makes life great
how could He make someone so strong, become so weak
I know He doesn't have human ways to make me understand
I just thought He was supposed to give the best He can
 He has to know with out your love I can not overcome
without your strength I can not become all I should
I can't grow with out you as my sunshine
even though you tell me everything is going to be fine
I know it is a lie you tell me so I can get by
so my world can keep on turning
I just want you to know, you don't have to smile for me
don't pretend for me, don't stand tall for me, don't deny me
the right to be unhappy for you being treated so unfairly
u have to let me be angry, be mad, be sad, let me cry
let me use my energy to let out the frustration in me
so when it is all over, I never have to be sorry
that you didn't get to see my grief
that you never truly got to see how much you mean to me
I want you to know in all my life
I will never ever know another love
that was as pure and true as yours
I don't stay mad long, I try to let the pain go
because to have a grandmother like you
Is the greatest joy anyone could know

All my love to: Arlena Bragg 6/28/44 to 11/15/02

Grandma--Before the Good-Bye by TiaDee

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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