by Andre R. Thornton

The keys to existence lie within my skin
scientist continue to search
but donít know where to begin
the answer that eludes them
is what makes me whole
no other creation
I was the only mold
futile attempts at my destruction
yet I am resilient
claiming to be sons of light
it is I who is the most brilliant
blessed with spiritual perception
I have endured mental infection
to lead me in the wrong direction
I seek refuge in the creator
from all the haters
somehow you fail to realize 
justice is universal
As the final curtain opens
no time for rehearsal
Shit is real and you reap
what you sew
The wolves you sent out to eat me
are peeking in your window
It is written we must prevail
By the one who passes judgment
weighing deeds on a scale
Trying to kill truth and justice 
by hanging him on a cross with nails
But just like the dawn
the son has risen
released from his bodily prison
seeing with 360 degrees of vision
I wonder who is really listening
to these words
Those with dreams deferred
homeless and hopeless
laying on a curb
sitting back smoking the herb
Ask yourself
do you get what you deserve
or just getting by
the answer ainít in the sky
disguised as truth is the ultimate lie
how can we deny our right
when shit just ainít right
starting wars for nothing
and wanting me to fight
become patriotic
sounding psychotic
TV screen constantly filling me
with ill hypnotics
6 million ways to die
choose one
West Nile or Anthrax
failure to pay your tax
Ebola or malt liquor
45 will kill you quicker
unless youíre Billy D
Some call this blasphemy
it has to be
pen clutched in a tight fist
while my heart beats in my wrist
from revelation to Genesis
All black men ainít menaces
to society
but we die in this society
victims of a sobriety
trying to make sure Iím sober
while Iím intoxicated 
off daily bullshit
His hands were high
but they still emptied the clip
And you ask me why
I write like this...

Untitled by Andre R. Thornton

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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