by Andre R. Thornton

She appeared like a dream
That I canít quite remember
Think I met her 
Around the 1st of September
This love affair took off from the beginning
Sex in odd places
She felt it was sinning
To enjoy the fruits of one another
Candles around the tub
Caramel under the covers
As I eased her mind
And assured it was destined to be
She placed her body next to me
We engaged in an ethereal dance
Our minds became entranced
From the mirror
I caught a glance
At the pain she felt
From past loves
And knew that
I had to heal her
Show her that this episode
Is realer
Than she can imagine
Fueling the flames of passion
Itís not much that Iím asking
Let your mind free
Iím inclined to be a little aggressive
Not overly protective
But I hit her with this directive
Love is subjective
All depends on perspective
We ascend to the heavens
And come down together
Iím here to keep you warm
On nights with cold weather
The blood in my veins lust
For this woman
And I canít stop coming
Whenever she calls
Iím on my way
This exotic enchantress
Controls my day
We embark upon this journey
To the pinnacle of love
She donít push 
And I wonít shove
Together we take it easy
Whenever I yearn 
She eagerly feeds me
And I am full to my hearts content
So stop fronting girl
Let the foreplay commence

Untitled by Andre R. Thornton

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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