by Andre R. Thornton

An acid raindrop stains her 

caramel complexion

Lips glistening red sweeter than

a candy apple confection

She walks with agility and surety

In her breast lies honesty and purity 

Untainted by this masquerade 

She is a leader of this life's parade 

Today she dreams of yesterday

and hope for tomorrow

Knowing that life can bring sorrow 

She embraces today with her sensuality 

Arousing all the possibilities 

I lust for her caress 

Full of peace and tranquility 

Seduce me with your intellect 

cause I need more than just sex 

Let me feel what you feel 

when you feeling what you feel 

Just what is it about you sista

Lord knows I wanna get wit'cha

From when I was first blessed 

by your unexplained

Having you in my thoughts 

Just could not refrain

Your presence brings a smile to my face

but I try to stay cool cause 

this ain't the time or the place

Damn she got me shook 

Trying to find her number

Searching the phone book 

Maybe under a rainbow is where I'll find you

I'm certain I won't need to remind you 

Of who I am, where we met 

With the spell you put on me 

How could you forget 

Let me bring you into the present 

Tell you my love is of the essence 

The type that cannot be surpassed 

Like sands flowing through the hourglass

For you this thing is essential

So I offer it in its fullest potential 


Untitled by Andre R. Thornton

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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