by Kimberly M. Thompson

Iím missing you today

There have been glimpses of your smile...the intent stare of your eyes...

     the windows of your soul

The electric stimulation of your a therapy session now in


A touch that reduces me into liquidity


Iím missing you today

Thinking of your early morning runs and pressing those familiar buttons

     which will lead you directly to me

Thereís a softness, a gentle breeze that calls me deeper than your words 


As though a shell of the sea is placed to my ear and the imaginary rush of the

     ocean flows into my canal

Calling me...Calling me...Calling me


Iím missing you today

A quiet strength yet vulnerable heart that you guard with the essence of you

Your softness gives me a gentle place to land

Like the down of a feather escaping from flight...landing perfectly

     balanced on three exquisitely pointed blades of grass


When Iím missing you like this

I am craving your presence like a drugÖneeding an intravenous fix

     wanting to feel the rush

These pieces of dreams dance behind my closed eyes

I just want to reach out and touch you

Virtual reality


Iím missing you today

Just beyond my fingertips you keep a reservoir waiting for me

Youíre barely there...I see your silhouette in the mist

     shrouded in mystery beckoning come

And I will

Today by Kimberly M. Thompson

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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