Being in the Zone

by Kimberly M. Thompson

There was a time when I couldn't fully describe this zone 

I sometimes go into when the urge to write overtakes me

Maybe because I wasn't in it, 

so I couldn't feel it and couldn't get pass it

But I still need to purge onto the unsuspecting pages

Right now I'm feeling it and must strike while the iron is hot

This internal pull is gnawing at me; I'm being sucked in

Needing to liberate the words that are just beyond the surface

Knowing any moment this dam will surely explode

I'm ecstatic to feel this way again

I was worried about this feeling…. I was missing it

Scared that it had left me…. one of my greatest fears

Are my thoughts disappearing?

Are they taking residence somewhere deep inside where I can't find them?

I go there sometimes 'cause life's everyday gets so heavy

All you can do is take a deep breath and be still

You're walking that fine line between sanity and freefalling

Maybe, just maybe, in being still your thoughts have time to replenish

To visit another space


Although, right now the flow zone is approaching

I can feel it coming, my adrenaline is rising

Like a car on blocks with its engine revving

It's a slow burn, but I smile as I think

Puzzle pieces in the shape of words 

fit into place in my mind

Envision a storm whipping around trying to decide 

if it's going to be a tropical depression 

or a category 5 hurricane

Could go either way

I won't know until the written word begins to flow onto the paper


Right now I'm writing viciously, like I'm being possessed

Nikki Giovanni's "The Truth is on its Way" in my ear

Perfect writing weather, my personal anthem

Her voice, her words, the music behind her words

They comfort me, they bring me, and they nourish me

These words sedate me; these words make me smile

These words are my words too

They've become threads in my creative fiber

Woven with love and respect

 I hold this woman in the highest of regard

Nikki is truly my inspiration


The only other woman who can move me in a similar fashion but in

     an altogether different way is Maya Angelou

It really doesn't matter how deep she gets

It's the eloquence in which she speaks

I get chilled to my core just listening to her deliver her messages

"Phenomenal Woman" is the perfect example

That piece makes you proud to be a woman


Not just by the words but through the emotion of those words

The depth of what she's feeling and what she wants you to feel by

     her touch of the mind

A magnificent piece


This is all a head-trip sponsored by the greats and dribbled onto me  

     like syrup being siphoned from a maple tree

I've been spiked

This is how I feel when I'm in the zone...the flow zone

Being in the Zone by Kimberly M. Thompson

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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