Addicted To You

When Saying Goodbye Could Get You KILLED!

by Thadine N. Quick


"Imagine a young girl curled in a fetal position. Her small arms tucked deep beneath her, her thin legs crossed and tight.

"Oh my God, I think itís time!" She yells out in pain as she struggles to sit up. I canít do this! She protests. "Help me, somebody please help me, the fourteen year old cried."

Only the crack house was vacant that day...

Carefully she backs herself into the corner, and spread her legs far and wide.

Got damn it, she cursed, all I want is one HIT, she continued, as she placed the cocaine pipe in her mouth and sucked in frantically. Jaws and face all sucked in like she was a vacuum cleaner using her mouth as the hose...

Within seconds, her contraction kicked in and HIT her so hard it sent shock waves through her body. Shock waves so strong, hell, she could have put the electric company out of business.

Ten seconds later, her lower body shook from the cold hardwood floor, as a flood of blood began a journey of itís own.

Okay Joslyn, she reasoned with herself. "You can do this."

Reluctantly, she squats and bears down, as she attempts to push her problem out. Her subconscious mind begs her to control her breathing, while her weightless body shivers from all the cramps and pain.

"Lord please get this thing out of me," she prayed and cried, then prayed againÖ Oh my God! Itís coming, she yelled!!! Sweat and tears flooded her eyes as she tried to focus in on her unwanted child.

"Itís not moving!" She gasped. Oh my God! She continued to grow amazed as she shook her helpless newborn like a lifeless rag doll on its last leg...

Whatís wrong with it? She continued to shake. "Oh my God! She finally realizedÖ Itís dead!"

Overcome with fear and disbelief, she quickly reached for the razor blade that sat beside her cocaine tray and carefully cut the cord.

The very same cord that had tied her to a life she never wanted anyway.

Quickly she wrapped the estimated four-pound baby girl in her bloody skirt and searched the dirty/empty room for a paper-bag. Barely able to stand now, she carefully patted her torn vagina with the T-shirt, which she had so quickly ripped from her back. She would go on to fold the t-shirt inside out and use it as a maxi pad. Carefully she rolled and stuffed it into her 'now' torn underwear.

Panic-stricken now, she grabbed her lighter and razor blade and stuffed it inside her linted pockets. She then grabbed the paper-bag and searched the room for the nearest exit.

The Dumpster outside seemed to be filled to its capacity, but she didnít hesitate to stuff the bag along the side.

"Iíll never use drugs again." She confessed as she quickly left the scene of her crime, never once looking back. WellÖ She continued as the reality of the situation quickly came to mindÖ "If I do use cocaine again, it wonít be when Iím pregnant thatís for sureÖ."

But once again, she lied.

Addicted To You by Thadine N. Quick

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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