Modern American Slavery

by Terry Clark

What is this shit--the second coming of slavery?
There are no iron chains
only the evil smoke of crack encircling black lives
There are no whips in the Massa's hands
only the hands turned into fists used brother to "go upside her head"
There are no slave ships
only the 4x4's and drop-tops driven by those who cannot afford them
There are no ransoms for runaways
only the outstanding bail staring down the faces
of a family whose 16 year old is charged with murder
There are no slave quarters
only the county jails that hold and house our young black folks hostage
There are no lynchings
only the bodies of young black teenagers ready to stop a bullet
There are no laws against learning to read
only the war in which the battleground is the mind
The second coming is coming closer and closer

Modern American Slavery by Terry Clark

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