That Day in Philadephia

by TW

      -Dedicated to Dr. Martin L.King Jr.

Only for so long can a man stand quiescent and indifferent 
to the execution style slaughter of a people's hope. 
Only for so long can a man forgive the lack of or absence of rectitude 
in the character of his social counterpasts. 
There comes a time when you can no longer avoid traveling the "dire straits" 
and perilous avenues that lead to the transcendence 
of bondage and the acheivement of FREEDOM!

It is at this crossroads, the intersection of determination and destiny, 
that a man and God may come to a consensus 
"THAT DAY IN PHILADALPHIA," mine eyes saw how inextricably woven
was hatred into the conscious of "white america" 
towards the perceived anathema they know as the "Black Man". 
Yet in an instant, fear became non-existent to me;
it no longer had a seat at the mingling table of my heart.

Our struggles have been monumental, our hurdles have been high-- 
But our spirits are higher and our strides are longer. 
Let each man partake in his own struggle as it relates to "our" struggle. 
Just as that faithful man from Nazareth took up his own cross,
let each "Child of the Sun" embrace

That Day in Philadephia-

That Day in Philadephia by TW

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