What's Really Going On With You?

by TW

What's really going on? Well,where do you begin to answer a query such as this. Okay, let's start from the beginning; there's me! Me, as in my soul, my mind; the mind that was present when I was just sperm in the womb. Basically, me is the core, what the creator made, all the good you see, all the joy, strength, care and Love, that's me.

Then there is myself! Myself, as in my thoughts, perceptions, assumptions, prejudices and ego. See, these things came along during my impressionable years. They grew and began to sink into the unblemished fabric of my mind. When you see myself, you only see a reflection of this distorted society. All the ideologies, philosophies and opinions of this world. Myself represents that mainstream flow, so you might overstand the collage of energy that charges the mirror that reflects myself!

And then there is "I"! A big ball of potential, an endless spectrum of possibilities. "I" am the effect, me is the cause, myself is in the way "I" am the vision, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow we call true happiness; "I" am Love made flesh

So, myself needs to be guided, the guidance that was denied me. Me was a soul engaged in constant struggle. This is why my mood is as a pendulum; it is not content with myself and "I" am working to fix it. That's what's going on with you!

What's Really Going On With You? by TW

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