by Teo Beauchamp

Sending namastes 
to sunrays, 
I solute the universe 
and give birth
to a thousand earths
with a million moons

who spin the tunes 
to keep the planets rock'n, 
comets break'n 
and star formations
forming nations. 
Assalamu alaikum.

I do not write rhymes, 
I write mantras, prayers and declarations. 
My recitation inducing 
hemispheric synchronization 
with each exhalation 
and I don't need no affirmation 

I am an author of offerings,
kneeling before no earthling.
My voice carries 
crates of reverence 
on rails that run through you 
and onto the heavens. 
Thank you Lord.

Breathing blessings, 
I sing the sounds of the soul. 
Beat boxing for God's flows, 
for God knows what grows 
in the shadows 
of my black holes.

In the solace of silence
I kneel, letting revelations reveal
the weapons I wheeled
and the wounds to heal.
At times it is difficult to listen,
the constant unconscious
recitation of realization.

A reverberation
of creation, I appear,
but am not from here.
I was brought,
then bought,
then taught
this tong.

I slung thoughts
for freedom,
stimulating the cerebrum
with hummed conundrums,
chanting rhymes
over tribal drums.

Fear runs
when freedom comes
and all is one
when songs are sung.
So I beseech you brother,
join the cipher,

spit your spirit,
let us pray together.
With words we worship
the womb of the Father
and between breaths
bestow a Hallelujah.

Offering by Teo Beauchamp

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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