The Story Of Freedom

by Teo Beauchamp

What happened to freedom? Ah man, Freedom aint come'n round here no more. What you mean? Freedom of trade traded free trade for Freedom, dag son, I thought you knew. Naw, naw Masa wouldn't trade no Freedom for noth'n, nigga you shouldn't be talk'n that mess, but where Freedom at anyway? Nigga I'm tell'n you, Freedom started being Freedom and they cold ran that ass out. I don't believe you, masa loved Freedom, he couldn't stop singing his praises. I saw it with my own two eyes. He stood up to the powers, said hell I aint cotton pick'n. Quick as you could say Jiminy Cricket they ran dat ass like the dickens. I said, Dat nigger Whirl'd, dat nigger wheel'd. Dat nigger tore up de whole co'n field. But despite his speed of light. He was no match for the might of a musket, caught a bullet, split a ligament and that wasn't the half of it. Masa showed up later in a million dollar chariot. Rims kept spin'n, Freedom started cry'n. Masa had his wip, rope and riffle in hand, he knew the plan. Kneel' n, bleed'n, and plead'n. Freedom was destin'n for rest'n. Masa smashed him like a third world town, cut up, beat down, hung in the sky and burnt to the ground. Ahh man, you mean Freedom ...Freedoms dead? Nigga, our freedom is freedom of trade. Freedom of trade has traded free trade for Freedom. Yea, Freedom's dead. What, nigga, you thought you was free?

The Story Of Freedom by Teo Beauchamp

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