Fear of a Black Planet Confronted

by Teo Beauchamp

My mammy and daddy
stood up to the powers that be
when they made me.
A nappy headed love child,
running free
through the vanquished valleys
and abject alleys,
spinning sorcery
to orbit ideologies.

Conceived through divinity's
breath. The light of death
manifest in flesh.
Yes, I am the new day.
When the rain has past
the rainbow's cast
my colors praise
the sun ray.

Sky blue sings
through echoes of yellows,
the black bass blends
with the treble of purple
and I nod my head
to the red.

The beats broke
and I bled oceans of potions
which awoken the dead.
Thought resurrected.
The party's in the pyramid.
And I'm on the floor
in the uproar
kickin' flows with pharos
on some folklore
my sounds swirl and sore
color clusters from my core.

For, I walk the seams
between the seen and unseen
hand in hand with my love supreme
discussing the art of being.
Words form while winds beat.
Stepping with dove's feet
over the flames of the deep.
Making love to life's sorrows
on beds of rose petals.
An orgasm ordained with holly hallows.
Never penetrated by folic symbols
Your guns will never get the goddess
I laugh at your fear of blackness

As eyes shut
the mind lights up.
Ceresin dreams burn
in the lords lantern.
Sunshine divine
darkness eternal
there are colors
you have never seen
painted in the pages
of my journal.

I've built my home
in the eighth dimensional
world of worlds
where I whittle riddles
and carve consciousness,
sketch charcoal souls
on an endless canvas
and live as art
forever listening to the artist.

Fear of a Black Planet Confronted by Teo Beauchamp

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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