by Teferu Azr

okay, black goddess
nubian princess
let's think about this
wade in the water
of our streams of consciousness
and meditate
on the time b4 space shattered
in2 material matter
and all that mattered was spiritual
but now,
these albinos r taking our hair of wool
and removing its gravitational force and pull
and burning our melanin in2 an unholy myrrh
placed in inscense
as they try 2 breathe in our 6th sense
but this makes no frankin-sense 2 me
cuz even if u burn melanin at an excess of 1200
it will still retain, at least
50% of its original property
absorbing all 4ms of energy
charged like a battery
cuz actually it's been here 4 eons
just sit back and think upon
and think back with me
and recall every part of your memory
b4 u were born in what iz called physicall history
meditating on our own mystery system
we governed the heavens
cruising thru galax-seas
woolly hair sprouting peace
astronauts!? we b. afro-knots
singing in perfect harmony
with musical keys that tighten our locks
(without any combination 2 open them)
we b jamming with space rocks
magnetic lode stones
screaming thru black whole megaphones
'till the universe takes on our colour and tone
and the whole space rocks
and lode stones become red hot
4ming mars
and rock stars
that jam on air guitars
blasting bass in space-cars with ragtops
throwin' our melanin 2 4m a universal blackdrop
b4 pyramid blocks
became city blocks
and we became trapped
in our own private square
unable 2 think outside the box
cuz we live in a spherical world
with corners on every block
piled on block-by-block
and niggaz hang at the corner of these blocks
trying 2 claim these blocks
until we have enough blocks
2 rebuild our pyramids back 2 the top
of our universal blackdrop-backdrop
but we're 2 busy blowin' smoke
smokin' rocks
that's cuz our minds r clouded
i's have become dotted
2 heavy
now our own beauty can't b spotted
nubian goddess,
please don't find com4t in the devil's shoudler
they say beauty iz in the eye of the beholder
and your beauty makes me blind 2 time
puts my mind on rewind
and only i can see u as u truly r
a star
against my blackdrop-backdrop
taking strokes of backshots
not cheap shots
i'm cheops
builder of pyramids from modern day city blocks
ironically, i build novel plots -- with writer's
i'm not a B HOLDER
i'm a B-Yonder
and i ponder
not just 2 B-HOLD-U
i use every letter
of every alphabet
in every language
2 re-mold u
restore u back 2 your throne and place
shatter the material back in2 space
the space where i
use stars,
and moons
just 2 adorn u
with heavenly jewels
use the tool
of the big dipper
2 spoon feed u
speak 2 u
in tongues
at your womb
recite tunes
until u sing and bring
your colour in2 full blossom and bloom
and melanin drips from inbewteen u
in the 4m of a sweet liquid perfume
2 replenish u
so we can battle those with 10 horns
grafted albinos
we fight and do backflips
and take space trips
doin' afro-batics
melanin addicts
u're the heroine of Ourstory
we r the universal black glory
against this blackdrop-backdrop
adding rhythm and reason
2 our rhyme
and completing our song
we fly off in the distance
2wards our newborn sun
that we gave a feminine name -- dawn

Enviromentality by Teferu Azr

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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