by Tee!

Where you been?
You didn’t come home last night.
Who were you with?
What – I ain’t fucking you right?
What’s that smell?
Is that pussy all over your face?
How was she allowed to take my place?
What’s that - are those hickeys on your neck?
What are those - is that scratches on your back?
Is she the one –
The one who’s been playing on my phone?
The same one you’ve been fucking in my home?
The tramp that’s been messing up my sheets –
The one who’s pussy cum been whitening your teeth?
So that’s what that was –
The cheap perfume I used to smell.
Ah, those were the drawers I found on the floor with the seat all stiff and stale.
How could you play me for that dirty trick?
Is it because I refused and she sucked your dick?
So are you gonna lie and say it’s not true?
What – do I look like a fucking fool?
She’s the one who’s been coming around,
The same whore you said was running you down.
The one who is always here,
The same trick I saw whispering in your ear.
The one who used to call and hang up,
The same bitch you said you’d never fuck.
So what was it – do I look that dumb?
I guess I was cause I believed I was your only one.
Now I see – everything’s coming back,
Now I got this whole scenario down pact.
You chased, loved, fucked and played me –
Molded me into the fool you wanted me to be.
You told me lies that I was stupid enough to believe,
I even looked passed the bitches you paraded in font of me.
Don’t even cry or try to explain,
Oh – now you realize you love me more than anything.
Was it before or after ya’ll fucked,
That you realized you loved me so much?
Do you expect me to forget and look pass what I saw?
Fuck you I don’t want your tired ass no more.
So leave my keys after you pack all your shit,
And take your dirty trifling ass back to that infected bitch!

Scenario by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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