by Tee!

Iím finally deciding to grow up.
Iím about to give up something no one has ever seen nor touched.
I kept this little secret, never told Ė
I thought I could keep it till I grew old.
I kept it hidden, keep it clean,
Far away from the world not ready to be seen.
No one has ever grazed it or even a little touch,
Though I craved one so much.
Finally the day has come, the time is here Ė
Iím gonna whisper my little secret in his ear.
I know heíll be surprised but accept my offer,
Iím afraid of a lot of things but this the most of.
Like I figured he laughed and said yes,
now Iíll have to come up with the rest.
The plan is laid, the theme constructed.
Iím so nervous the butterflies flutter in my stomach.
I turned on the music, dimmed the lights low,
I was ready I wonder if it showed.
He was tender and sweet but it hurt like hell,
I was trying to be brave but in my face the truth he could tell.
Of course I was scareed, scared but ready.
He slipped into a groove so steady.
I matched his rhythm, my hips moved to his beat,
Again it was painful yet so sweet.
Finally it was over, we layed and smiled,
He made a joke saying I see you havenít done this in a while.
He kissed my forehead and held me close,
Asked me if I was ready for more.
My body and face in kisses he smothered,
As we both disappeared under the covers.
Our bodies met once again,
It felt so good my head was spinning.
Round and round the room went,
Straight to cloud nine my body was sent.
Virginity gone, a friend and I became closer,
Wondering our actions towards each other tomorrow.
Should I speak and act as if nothing happened,
Or wait to first see his reaction?

Scared by Tee!

© Copyright 2007. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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