by Tee!

What's wrong with me? Am I crazy or what?
Why am I still missing you so much?
Damn I should be use to you not being here,
you're so far away yet so near.
Shit this grief is killing me slowly -
I still hate being here lonely.
You walk through the door, but I just see it open.
Are you there or is it me just hoping?
I hear your voice, but I'm here in silence.
What are you saying? Give me some guidance.
I feel your touch, it just grazed my skin. 
Your hands are soft or is it me just imagining again?
I feel you inside me as you thrust smoothly.
Is it really you or what I want it to be?
You kiss me, your tongue explores my mouth.
But my mouth is dry, what's that all about?
In just a few hours you walked in, spoke, touched, sexed and kissed me;
then why am I feeling so empty?
Is it that I'm crazy or maybe insane?
That you're no where around but I'm steady calling your name.
Why does my phone ring and you're on the other end?
Then when I hang up, I realize to no one I was talking.
Is missing you so much playing with my mind?
Then why am I always searching for you knowing you I won't find?
Miles away you lay alone in a cell,
with me lonely sitting here missing you like hell.
Damn I didn't know I'd miss you so much,
then I realized my pillow were your lips and the air was your touch.
Still everyday you walk in, speak, touch, sex and kiss me;
because when you're here in body - that'll be our daily routine.

Routine by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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