Not Knowing...

by Tee!

Canít express how I feel
cause itís still not enough
wanting to feel all your love
but just canít find the trust
wanting this to be real
but feel like its fake
want it to go on for years
but feel like itís a mistake
trying to open my heart
but it feels shackled down
wanting you so bad
but you canít be found
hearing your voice
but youíre no where around
feeling so confused
youíre exploding my mind
not knowing what to do
donít want to waste your time
not wanting the pain
that shit lasts forever
I thought that we were good
when we were together
what is it that youíre trying to do
push me away
you think if itíll work
that my love would go astray
itís like you want me around
but not too close
me feeling that way
is what hurt the most
trying to understand you
but donít have a clue
me losing you is something
I donít want to do
how am I to understand or
feel your pain
trying to figure you out is driving me insane
are you that afraid to let
me in your heart
do you really think that Iíll tear it apart
can you trust me enough to let me in
if you canít do that
then weíre better off as friends
how could we move forward
if you keep going back
what you holding against me
is the communication that
we once lacked
I canít continue to wait until
you come around
for you to realize this
love is no where else to be found
Iíve been patient continuously waiting for you
but need to know what are you going to do
forever is a commitment I want to make
you doubting us cause my heart to ache
are we together or apart
cause me not knowing is affecting my heart
so all the mixed signals youíre giving
and the feelings youíre  not showing
have me confused which comes from
me not knowing.........

Not Knowing... by Tee!

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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