Mystery Man

by Tee!

My mystery man, who could it be?
Who is sending all these nice things to me?
Today was a brooch, yesterday flowers,
The day before that a rose every hour.
I got a sweet letter in the mail,
Looking at the handwriting, who it was I still couldn’t tell.
Just an hour ago a messenger read me a lovely poem,
Earlier this morning a dedication of a love song.
Last night came home to a single white rose –
A see through negligee by Christian Dior.
This mystery man seems to know so much,
He knows my likes and all my favorite stuff.
I lay down to sleep with my mind at ease,
Can’t wait till tomorrow to see what he has in store for me.
The smell of sausage filled my nose –
Heart shaped pancakes, one single red rose.
On the porch a plush brown teddy bear –
In its arm a letter expressing how much he cares.
Damn this suspicion’s killing me –
In the letter he didn’t say where he’d be.
The day went by slow; steadily I stared at the clock,
I enjoyed the game but the mystery had to stop.
Rushed home met a note on my door,
It’s a riddle it said go to the closet you’ll find out more.
In the closet a gorgeous gown –
Note pinned on it saying 9:30, downtown.
Upstairs in the shower I hurriedly jumped,
Another note – hint, the place 2 years ago you had lunch.
Now I was confused, damn that was long ago I couldn’t remember.
Shower over on my dresser another note – hint, it was the 20th of September.
I smiled because I knew who it was,
I got dressed, looked myself over then headed for the door.
Ah Downtown the place I first had lunch –
I looked around with my nerves all in a bunch.
I felt someone from behind, their hands covered my eyes.
I smiled cause I knew this was my surprise.
He whispered in my ear “guess who?” –
I spun around and it was you.
I said damn I was expecting a stranger,
He said that’s what he’s become because of the distance between us.
Work, school, home that was it –
He said he forgot to add me to that list.
Yes I was feeling a little neglected,
This little mystery added some excitement.
Although he wasn’t around, I didn’t want anyone else,
I knew he had a lot on his plate – not even time for himself.
I always wondered how this stranger got into my home –
How he was able to bring everything along.
We ate dinner as he apologized –
I accepted as the tears dropped from my eyes.
I knew that he was as busy as can be –
I was grateful that he took the time playing mystery man with me.
I love him to death this he knows,
He promised to always fit me into his schedule.
My mystery man – no better man could it be,
My man who was always right there in front of me.

Mystery Man by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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