Let Me Go!

by Tee!

What can it possibly?  Is it me?
Why do I believe opposite of what I obviously see?
I love you to death, this you know,
I only pray for the strength to let you go.
The further you push me, the closer I get.
I realize the cold shoulder you give me is the one I permit.
I allow you to hurt me, I welcomed the pain.
I'm constantly holding on when I should be walking away.
We need to talk is all I hear,
but to my door and heart you won't come near.
Did I hurt you that bad that you won't forgive?
If so, then the rest of my life with that pain I'll live.
All I want to do is love you as best I can,
to start over - make up for past mistakes if you'd give me a chance.
The way things are going doesn't seem it'll ever be,
has someone else already replaced me?
No is what you always say -
but what or who is it that's blocking my way?
You say you have mood swings, damn tell me who don't?
Maybe it's only when it comes to me cause I'm not what you want.
Life is a lesson but I don't seem to learn,
that loving you is fire and I'm constantly getting burned.
You say you love me but I can't tell,
cause all you seem to tell me is to go to Hell.
I beep you, you don't even respond;
instead you seem to enjoy stringing me along.
You loving me wasn't and isn't the problem - wanting me is.
You must be real proud to know that you are the reason behind my tears.
If you don't want me let me know,
that much I deserve - it'll be easier to let you go!

Let Me Go! by Tee!

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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