by Tee!

Hey nigga what up
Are we gonna do this or what
At me he looked he looked with surprise
Couldn't tell if I am telling the truth or if it's all lies
I made the first move and stepped a little closer
I guess that's when he got a little bolder
When he touched me my insides quivered
Making my entire body shiver
Damn his body is strong I could feel the heat
Those big hands explored every part of me
Mr. Man grazed my lips and sucked my braest
As I rubbed and kissed his neck
He rubbed my leg and stroked my thigh
Sending me express to cloud nine
he touched my stomach and licked my navel
Sending my ming through an upheavel
He kissed and licked as far as he could he could get
He came up when I was soaking wet
He arched my body to reach the spot
It's tight he slipped in it was real hot
In and out he thrusted slowly
I matched his moves by moving forwardly
The rhythm's intense as the pleasure excels
In and out up and down
The entire room was spinning around
Screams of pleasure in pure release
As we both raced to reach the peak
It feels aiight but it can bette
So I decided to show him what I was made of
He flipped me once flipped me twice
I'm on top I'm riding tonight
I started off slow in time the speed will increase
I can feel him tremble from his head to his feet
He holds me tight to try to keep up
he grabs my arms cause I'm too much
I hit to the right then the left
He's trying to keep up and catch his breath
His toes curled as those eyes rolled
He's trying to hit back but he's too slow
Up and down faster than ever
He finally catches up we move together
I squeezed tight and clenched his shoulders
I'm hitting harder than before it's getting stronger
Our bodies trembled together in ecstacy
I ended putting on him what he tried to on me
Drenched in sweat we both layed
Anticipation round two later on that day 
With that I just proved 
That it's not the man but the woman that knows how to move
It's just the shaft that get things started
But the woman gets the walls knocking!

Knocking by Tee!

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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