It Shows

by Tee!

What day do you love me? I need to know –
Let me break down the week for the days of love you show...
Sunday - that’s when it all began,
All the screaming, cussing and fighting.
Monday - you were jumping down my throat,
And for what I don’t even know.
Tuesday - I remember being slapped,
Right before you kicked me in my back.
Wednesday - a busted lip and two black eyes.
Ribs cracked and bruises on my thighs.
Thursday - that’s when I got burnt,
Also received 21 stitches from one of your cuts.
Friday - you choked me and threw me down the stairs,
After dragging me down the hall by my hair.
Saturday - began with you being all nice and sweet –
Ended with you knocking out two of my teeth.
Each day started with a slap in the face or a knot on my head.
Each night ended with forced sex and me crying in the bed.
One or two mornings may start with a kiss,
Those same nights I end up with a busted lip.
To top it off in my face you’d spit,
Knock me down, make me your toilet and take a piss.
As if that wasn’t bad enough,
When I’d beg you to stop you say I’d first have to kiss your butt.
I ask myself why I put up with it –
Maybe I’ve accepted that you love me with your fist.
So what day do you love me? I need to know.
Everyday I guess – looking in the mirror it shows.

It Shows by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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