by Tee!

Whatís up Ė?
Iíve been sitting here thinking.
Thinking about you and this situation.
Youíre feeling me; yeah I may be feeling you too,
Truth be told whatís a girl to do?
With that come some complications,
So let me put you on before thereís an altercation.
You like me so does dude,
In this predicament Iím confused.
I donít want to hurt anyone or step on any toes,
I donít want you my friend to turn into a foe.
You know him, he knows you,
Now what am I expected to do?
If I choose you to him Iím grimy,
And you know thatís nothing like me.
If I choose him Ė to you Iím this, Iím that,
So letís not start something we canít retract.
To make it simple so that I donít have to chose,
Letís continue as friends cause you I donít want to lose.
Donít be mad please understand,
Iíd just rather keep you as a friend than have you as a man.
Iím not choosing him over you,
Just think about what Iím saying Ė youíll feel the same way too.

Him---You by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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