by Tee!

What you doing?  That's up to you.
What?  Whatever you want to do.
Give me a kiss -
he bent down and kissed me,
his tongue explored my mouth so deep.
he rubbed my back as his tongue traced my lips,
he lifted me up from my hips.
He slipped off my shirt, then my bra,
his tongue tickled my belly - my breast he massaged.
My nipples perked frm heat on his breath,
he sucked the right then the left.
His tongue glided over the rest of my body,
I started to wiggle I wanted him so badly.
Steadily he continued to tease,
next I felt his tongue just above my knees.
He licked and kissed my inner thigh.  
I let out a long long sigh,
as I felt his breath between my legs.
He kissed it first then sucked up the juices it fed.
I whinned a little and lifted my hips,
as his tongue continued to work my clit.
He made his way back to my breast,
kissing any spot he thought he had missed.
"Turn over baby" he said softly,
I'm praying that he would just put it in me.
More kissing and licking, I mean all that good stuff -
wondering if he's gonna go easy or real ruff.
Over I turned once again,
I hope this time he'll stick it in.
In and out he went with ease,
telling myself I'll be well pleased.
As I lay matching his strokes,
I flipped him over so I could start the show.
Up and down I went slowly,
on my waist is here he was holding me.
Holding the headboard to get a good ride,
moving my waist in a circular motion will he's inside.
Sweat dripping from me onto him,
slightly I bent over to give him a kiss.
My breasts he held in his hands,
I turned my back to him he said "baby damn".
The speed increased, the sounds of pleasure grew -
I was doing a good job but he wanted to run the show.
He bent me over to hit it from the back,
Guided him to the right spot cause I'm not down with that.
He stuck it in with great force,
it hurted a little but I was ready for more.
I hear the clapping as he goes in and out,
grabbing the covers and biting my lip so I won't shout.
Faster and harder he dug into my body,
I couldn't hold it anymore - I moaned loudly.
He slapped my ass as I made it jump,
hitting back while he steadily pumped.
He moaned and grunted as he burst freely,
I felt the condom filling inside of me.
A few more pokes and he was through,
me saying "damn baby what came over you"?
He collapsed on my back drenched in sweat,
the covers underneath us were soaking wet.
Together we jumped into the shower,
laughed and joked about what took place in the last hours.
Talking about things the other did,
even laughed about what things were said.
He held me close as he fell asleep,
with his strong arms securing me.
His breath on my neck, he snored softly,
The sex is great but the best part is cuddling!

Cuddles by Tee!

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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