A Dream

by Tee!

Woke up this morning with you on my mind.
Look to the other side of the bed hoping you I would find.
I walked in the kitchen to see if you were eating,
Not there either so I continued seeking.
To the bathroom I burst in freely,
All was there was an image in the mirror – me.
Walked in the living room, the T.V. was on.
But you weren’t there, where had you gone?
I looked in the closet and under the bed just in case you were hiding,
Only shoes and coats was I finding.
I plopped on the couch and began to think,
Closed my eyes and went over the things we did the previous nights.
You came in, kissed me and asked what was there to eat –
I got a little fresh and said me.
You smiled, lifted me up and placed me on the counter,
You winked and went down under.
I moaned and wiggled – it felt so good I wanted more.
After a while you placed me on the kitchen floor.
You slipped in as I welcomed you,
Telling me how much you love me – baby I love you too.
You pushed and pushed trying to get as deep as you can,
I wrapped my legs around you taking it all in.
You went in and out as I matched your strokes beneath,
I dug in your back as you plowed in me.
The deeper you went the more I wanted,
The harder you pumped the more you grunted.
Faster and harder you continued to pound in me,
Like an expert you knew where all my spots would be.
You touched them all but saved the best for last,
Touching that spot I couldn’t hold back.
You shivered and moaned as I quivered and screamed,
I jumped up realizing it was all a dream!

A Dream by Tee!

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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