by Brown Skin

I was a little girl
in my sun dress
clenching on a freeze pop
time stopped
for me
time stopped for me
and I was able to relish in the moment
all I can ask myself is where the time went
My  ambition
is relentless
my time is always spent
trying to 
put dents
in this world
I snatch my piece of it
My intent is to keep on
a steady
path, baring in mind
that I was born ready
I was born ready to soar
I burst out of the womb fighting
because inside I was preparing for war
determined not to 
let another twenty years pass
I put my mind on blast
and made a mad dash
to the finish line when love tripped me 
I came to  wondering what hit me
and though the weight of my round belly
slowed my pace
I chose to embrace it
and finish the race
and when people said
I couldn’t do it
I left ‘em
in the dust
I shot past adversity
like a gust
of wind
I gotta keep on living
I’m driven
by the
a cruel society
and victory belongs to me
triumph longs for me
but in a city like Grand Rapids
old habits
die slow
and people here
hate to see you glow
they cut you off
at the knees to stunt your growth
to forget
that I took an oath
NEVER let them see you sweat

Triumph by Brown Skin

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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