Orgasm of the Mind

by Brown Skin

Lend me your imagination
let me take you to a place 
where thereís no need for paper
and chasing it
worries about making it
let me take you to a place
where our sensualities knot
put your mind on lock
as I attempt to get you hot
and set you free
not sexually
but arousing you intellectuality
escalating your mind to
an unknown peek of brilliance
having thoughts about me
flowing throughout every rival
of your brain by the millions
Talk about the ultimate high
by my
to lie 
and chicly
never miss 
a beat
I am the one
I am the earth
I am the sun
I am the light that illuminates night
I am the bright that illuminates light
So while you're still searching for the girl 
that can sex you the right way
come to me 
and Iíll show that sex is merely
assimilated to 
I can innovate
all it takes is one
dinner date
and I'll have you stumbling
through your words
baby are you ready to rumble
and you can bet that 
I'm not challenging your sexual
but your mental capabilities
because I can get wet for a stupid nigga
so you better come correct 
before you come erect

Orgasm of the Mind by Brown Skin

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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