The Dope-man's Plea

by Brown Skin

Today I live
but who knows what tomorrow will hold
so I live like today is all that I have
and as I continue on this negative path
I pray that I donít forget to beg for G-d 
to save my soul
for when I was bold
I sold it
as my life unfolds
it crumbles
my dreams fumble
through my fingers
like pigskin
I bear the weight of my sins
and the the sins that I advocate
when pushing weight
through my city
thinking that life is shitty
when sweet rewards come slowly
only to discover
that all things that feel good ainít holy
Iíve become the enemy
I've become the enemy
is in the pit of me
and my proclivity
is killing me
but I canít let the streets see me weary
because Iím only safe if they fear me
money becomes second-rate
 cause the more that I make
the more that
my satisfaction mitigates
still I 
I strive
I strive
to make it to the top
but every penny I make in the streets
leaves me owing 
and I pay interest with lives
but death becomes me 
death becomes me with every transaction
my life packs action
like movie flicks
this shit is sick 
Iím trapped inside of a brick 
and the only way out
 is to go broke 
or through the weed smoke
that eventually leads me back in
and strokes my ego until I realize 
that Iíve been trapped again....

The Dope-man's Plea by Brown Skin

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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