Quarter Past

by Syn J

I ain't doing nothing
But just laying here on this couch
But I’m sure you’re already out
It’s late in the morning but let me get my ass out of this house
I know by 12 am your gonna be where the fun is
I’m gonna be out with my girls doing the same shit
But I can stop thinking about how you get me in those positions
So hurry and get home to me it’s almost 6 am
And bring your body here
I can’t wait to you get me there
Making love on the way upstairs
But we can honestly do it anywhere…
Won’t you say those three words to me?
I love you…
Let me love you…
How do you want to be loved…?
But just these three main words come to mind
It’s all yours
So meet me at the door
So we can go make love in our bed
That’s if we make it
I won’t even lie all the songs I’ve heard
Had me thinking about you all night
Had my body feeling all types of right
Missing how you caress every inch of my body
How you squeeze, kiss and suck on me all night
I wanna love all the way upstairs
I can hear your voice in my head
Replaying in my head, I swear this is all I hear
“Bring your body here…
Do you think you can make it disappear…?
I promise my love for you is sincere…
Scream my name so the neighbors can hear…
Let me know when you feel you’re near…
This will be the most pleasure you’ve had all year…” 
The time of the most pleasure
It’s a quarter past 3

Quarter Past by Syn J

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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