Temptress Seduction

by SupremeStar

In the brink of the night when strength closes his keen eye
The temptress awakes and shines her face near by
A mere acquaintance
Weíve shared moments before 
But along with those rendezvous comes serious consequences 
That I shall not experience any more
She slid her way into my mindset and made my reality unclear
Smooth seductress knew just how to shift my gears 
At first I was strong and able to resist her appeal
But temptress has a game thatís unique and surreal
Sweet, luring, and visually attractive
Itís all a part of her game
Yet tantalizingly seductive and temptation is her name 
Wearing a see thru negligee
She invited me to sin
Such a strong impact
Although she lied within
She kissed me and had me uttering excuses justifying my actions
Fulfilling that devilish passion for quick satisfaction
Dirty, sneaky, snake like ways
Yet tantalizingly seductive
Temptation is her name
She bared my child and was named consequence
A child I could not keep
So I seek deliverance for I could not be a part of a family I couldnít control
For temptation may leave but consequence sticks with me till I grow old
And with that I could not deal 
It would put me to shame
Tantalizingly seductive
And temptation's her name 

Temptress Seduction by SupremeStar

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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