Rules To The Love Game

by SupremeStar

Iíve sat back and patiently observed,
Matter of fact Iíve sat in the front
To try and decipher what most men couldnít,
And thats what women really want 
Now not all good girls like bad guys
as some people like to say
I think that's only something
that comes and goes in their youthful days
When it comes time to settle down
a woman donít want no thug
Nah instead she wants an educated man
that knows the real meaning of love
For one, women are suckers
for a man who knows romance
Suprising them at the least expected moments
just to have a dance
Or telling her sheís beautiful
in her worst of times
Writing her little love notes,
Even if Itís just two lines
Now some men might think doing
things like that just isnít ďcoolĒ
Well I got news if you're one of those men
then you a gaídamn fool!
Another thing Iíve peeped
is that women love to communicate
And though most men are the total opposite,
it was one of the very few ways to relate
one difference between women and men
is that women express more verbally
But if you return the favor and listen too,
then thats the next step to living happily
And guys donít let their fronts fool you,
women are very vulnerable
Others perception and even self-perception
are some which are discernable
Which again takes me back
to the category of romance
Compliment her as much as you can
and whenever you get the chance
Fellas, women hate to sit around
and do nothing all day!
So after that first year or so
continue to go out and play!
Be humorous, exchange a little laughter
being serious 24-7
can lead to serious disaster
And lastly but not leastly
a woman needs the most vital things in life
and thats love affection, and appreciation.
for one donít quickly fall asleep
after hours of love makin
Lavish her constantly
time and time again 
even after 3 or 4 years
make her want only you as her man
Follow these simple pieces of advice
and sheíll be melting in your arms
Youíll be considered gold to her
a prince in shining armor

Rules To The Love Game by SupremeStar

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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