Late Night

by SupremeStar

Wake up!
I know itís 2:30 in the morning
But I can't fall asleep
Iíve just been sitting here yearning
Staring at your beautiful complexion under the moon
Fantasizing about all the things that I want to do
My mouth's watering 
Iím hungry 
But not for no food
Iím craving some loving baby
And the main dish is you
I know you got to get up in the morning
But this urge just can't wait
I want to make your juices flow just so I can have a taste
And I know how much you love it when I go down
Cuz on your worst days Iíve been known to reverse your frowns
Damn baby, feel this 
Itís standing tall and erect
I feel like playing doctor and your insides is what I want to dissect
Yea I see that smile and that look in your eye 
You just lay down and enjoy the ride
Iíll start off by kissing on your neck
Thatís the spot that usually gets you wet, am I correct?
Let's find out as I slide my hands down
Yep just what I thought 
Your getting a little moist now 
Now how about those sweet nipples that I like to play with
When I do you moan my name the way I like to hear it 
I enjoy lickin ya belly and ya tummy
Hearing you giggle but ain't a damn thing funny
Ow going down the line you know what's next to come 
Let me head between your thighs 
Now itís time to have some fun
Oh yea I can feel ya body shiver in pleasure
That there is my cue that you're ready for something better
Wrap your legs around me and let me penetrate you deep
What's that? You wanna get on top?
Uh-huh you little freak
We hold each other tight as we both reach our peaks 
Now with a smile on both of our faces
We can both go to sleep

Late Night by SupremeStar

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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