A Word To My Child

by SupremeStar

I should feel blessed for bringing you into this world, But I am also fearful of the many obstacles and perils that may come your way. Though your younger years may be all peaches and cream, as you mature there will be times where you want to scream. you see, You will soon be faced with the realities of the real world. Your first disadvantage will be the color of your skin. Regardless of what you hear, black is beautiful. A Precious diamond is created in the shell of black coal! So many great things come from being black! However people will try to tell you otherwise due to their own insecurities. Your second road block will depend on the gender of yur blackness Whether you are a black man or a black woman. you see as a man, No as a black man you are already pre-destined to fail Keepng the system full as you are fed to jails It's never meant for you to prevail F*ck a PHD! They'd rather you dead in the streets killing each other over beef while beggng at their feet But no not my child. Your not going to have to worry about that Cuz your going to be greater and smarter I wont allow you to become a pawn in the street life But rather a King in the sweet life!! And if your my babygirl your expected to be weak and fragile A hot and confused lost teen A baby mother at the age of 14 your not expected to go far in life. They want you to be a hoe, not fit to be a wife bikini clad booty flaunters degraded by your own kind Your only concerns are expected to be fashion and glamour, disregarding the beauty of your mind But I will teach you how you were once queens of civilizations and how you were once the back bones of great African Nations A role that can be yours once again! I will help equip you with knowledge of self For you my child failure is not in the plan cuz after you learn how to say "Mama" and "Dada" your next words will be "I Can!"

A Word To My Child by SupremeStar

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