by Suhar Talia Abdul-Malik

What is intent?
why on this earth have you been sent?
Can you see the holes in your soul as you stray?
Why do you give bits of yourself away
To people who do not stay?

What is intent?
why do you think it can be shown by money that is spent?
Do you feel love from the he or the she that lies between your thighs?
While motions fill you with shudders and sighs
Is it truth or merely what you want to believe, possible lies?

What is intent?
It is action to which love and goodness must be lent
Do you think that emotion vacant from action is not defective?
Universal creation did not in perfection become elective
Look within yourself for YOUR reaction, 
question why you are not more selective

What is intent?
It is beauty, truth and love as truth is beauty before it is bent
Can you see the source from which we all emanate?
Why do you pull from my warmth as though you can only self-hate?
Intent should be bared, shared and it ultimately becomes your fate…

My intent,
lies deep within your continent
On my journey and travel
I seek to unravel 
You...universal creation did not perfect 
It merely sought to send intent, to love and direct
Your intent to select 
Your ability to affect

answer now, why you have been sent?

"Y" by Suhar Talia Abdul-Malik

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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