Family Gatherin' (The Be Anthology Part I)

by The Brown Suga Poet

we be havin family gatherins and eatin ribs
Wit barbeque sauce that stains our fingers
See da kids be playin in da walmart pool
And if you kinda small you can get yo
Cool on too
See we be playin cards
And some of dem us's see they be drinkin
And some folks be thinkin
"Who got the candied yams
And the greens"
And we be fightin over the potato salad
And the sun see it be shinning and 
Kids they be whinin 
Somebody let the water out da pool
And some be eatin pasta salad
And drinkin cranberry juice
And some be upset cuz the dog is loose
takin it all in
I be
takin it all in
 I be
 takin it all in
And we be grillin hotdogs
And they be askin for da burnt one
E'rbody wants da burnt
The darker the berry the sweeter the juice
Blacker than a thousand midnights
See we be wantin our food wellllllllll done
And we be not feelin it if its pink
We think
We gonna get sick
If it aint burnt
And so its turnt 
over and over again
"moma, grandma grandma say she aint eatin no pink hamburger 
so yall better cook the shit right."
"but that's what she said."
On the grill
Pass the bills
See one us be goin to da store
To get insignificant-significant stuff
It's a ritual
"oh you going to the store, ma ma won't a pack a cigarettes, 
grandma say she need some more relish, 
nae nae say she needs some onion stuff
to make the green bean casserole 
and oh yea don't forget the paper plates,
cuz yall don't neva be  
washin dishes up in here……"
see we be dere till late at night
and we be dere early in the mornin makin
and wishes
and fryin fishes
see we be gatherin
see we be talkin
quite cuz the kids 
see they be finally asleep
and see we be 
talking about serious stuff
like what movie we gone rent
and who we want to be president
see we gatherin
and we be fixin plates
for those who was late
but they be leavin early
see we be
on cousins that be mackin
on other folks' guest
"ay yo, sexy let me holla for a min,
what chu doin when you leav here?"
see we be pretendin like
it don't matter that
uncle chris always get drunk and pick
a fight with aunt shirley
and den they alwayz be leavin  early
and leave dey kids
so dey can have make up sex
aunt shirley she just love family gatherins
"it be so nice for us to all…get together and bond like dat"
"ummmm I just love me some family gatherins"
see I be takin it all in
I be takin it all in
See I be helpin in the kitchen with the
Real momas now
And they be tellin me what to do
And I be pretendin like I don't need no wisdom
I be actin like I know it all
And dey be lookin right through me
I be takin it all in
"gurl, I remember when I was in my 20's
and I had stair steps 2, 4, 6 and 8 Good lawd
how I just would ask Jesus to let me
constantly have to use the resroom jest so's I could 
get a break from them kids.
But really that's the best part, when they need you like that 
and you know whats goin on in their lives
and they want to give you kisses and hugs and bring you 
bugs for presents……

see dey be talkin like they 1000 years old
and I be lisnin like I am newborn
I be lisnen 
and I be 
Takin it all in
And we be gatherin
For Holydays
And birthdays
And weddings
And funerals
And baby showers
When the time is 

Family Gatherin' (The Be Anthology Part I) by The Brown Suga Poet

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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